Learn how to be more confident, happier, productive and sucessful.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

Decide what's important to you. Discover what motivates you. Take meaningful action. 

That's what to do. (Easy for me to say.) But how do you do it?

Personal development is a lifelong process. It's a way for people like you to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life, and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential.

What's so difficult about being brilliant? You are too damn smart. Which is why you find yourself in either (or all) of these three situations:

  1. Information overload.
  2. Figuring it all out on our own.
  3. Trying to learn everything from whoever comes along.

It seems like a non-issue when you start, right? But it soon becomes the reason why you get overwhelmed and frustrated — which often leads to self-sabotage, a slow-moving business and an endless struggle to make a difference.

Which is WHY I created many of the tools and resources you've find here. You'll find world-class breakthrough secrets and success blueprints. Use them and you will discover how you can access your fullest potential .

Have you ever wondered what makes the big difference between the extraordinary people who achieve incredible success, wealth, happiness and impact?…And the “ordinary” people who are struggling to do the same but never get to this ultimate level — no matter how hard they try?

The answer to this question is so simple, it’s going to surprise you.What separates a regular coach from an extraordinary coach are only 2 simple things: the QUALITY of their coaching and their ability to create efficient business systems and models to generate revenue and attract profitable clients..It’s the results they achieve for their clients. The extent to which they are able to transform lives. And the crucial ability to enrol clients in the first place as well as building a profitable business. (Otherwise you’re going to have a hard time transforming their lives!)Very simple, right?Extraordinary coaches are able to…1. Create ResultsAchieve deeper levels of rapid transformation for their clientsGet to the core of the client’s issue faster and more efficientlyUncover limiting beliefs and help their clients overcome them – no matter how old or deeply rooted they areBring love, compassion, understanding and kindness to each and every sessionShow up as the very best version of themselves and get the most value out of all their unique gifts and talents2. Generate Business Systems & ModelsUse and leverage social media to find the right prospects for your specific coaching businessHave enrolment conversations that your prospects simply can’t resist to generate a steady flow of incomeMaster webinars and Skype sessions to consistently sign on new clientsCraft unique coaching packages and offerings that create tangible results for your clients and leverage your timeGenerate systems and models that lead to a highly profitable coaching practice rather than a business where you’re just getting byAnd last but not least change and impact hundreds and thousands of lives across the globe.But the truth is… that when it comes to actually mastering the skills necessary to get to this ultimate level of coaching and generating business systems and models that get results… most people fail.In fact, most coaches fail at achieving extraordinary results in their business because they make 3 specific and very common mistakes.The 3 Big Mistakes Almost Every “Ordinary”Coach Makes1. Information OverloadIf you’re doing your best to become an extraordinary coach, you’re probably trying to soak up all the information out there like a sponge.You’re reading all the books.Buying all the courses.And studying harder than you would if you were enrolled in University…What actually happens is that the “information gathering” backfires on you. Because instead of mastering new skills, you get ridiculously overwhelmed.The books collect dust on your shelf and the courses collect virtual dust on your hard drives. What a waste of time and money!Your intentions are great but you end up feeling guilty, paralyzed and frustrated and the results you get are not what you were hoping for at all.Even worse?You end up having regrets because you’ve wasted your valuable time and energy but your coaching, marketing and business building skills have not improved at all.It’s not more information you need. It’s the right information.2. Figuring It All Out On Your OwnWe know it’s just your nature as a coach to try and figure it all out on your own! You’re a problem solver and a solution provider and those are great traits to have… But you know that trying to figure it all out on your own can only take you so far.And when you do, you’re not only draining and exhausting yourself during the process…You’re also seriously putting a limit to your own success.You’re limiting yourself in enhancing your skills, unleashing your unique gifts and talents and most of all… You’re limiting your financial success because a higher quality of coaching equals higher prices for your services… and enhanced marketing skills as well as effective business building strategies equal more clients to serve. And when you allow yourself to learn from the best coaches out there, earning 6 figures or more can be as simple as that!3. Quality Of ResourcesAs a coach you are always keen and eager to learn so that you can bring your A-game to all of your clients… and enrol those clients in the first place!You want to be the very best at what you do and you’re willing to put in the extra effort necessary.So you’re trying to learn EVERYTHING…But you’re simply not learning from the most qualified resources.Which ones are the most qualified resources, you wonder?It’s not the best-selling book of the month or the latest $2,000 course!It’s the people who’ve been successfully doing what you want to do for years. It’s the world-class coaches out there who are enrolling new clients on a daily basis, getting tangible results for them and focusing on the most important aspects of growing their business.Learning directly from the source and having a skilled mentor is always the fast-track to success and the path that will lead you towards extraordinary results.So… how can you avoid making these big mistakes?How can you not waste years of your life and thousands of Dollars?But still dramatically improve your coaching skills so that you can be the very best version of yourself every single time you show up for your clients?How can you sign on new clients consistently and create a steady flow of income?Which systems and models should you follow in order to build and grow your business consistently?How should you structure your offers, revenue streams and position yourself for success?Whilst charging premium prices without feeling guilty?We’ve created Master’s Circle for you in order to provide answers to all of these burning questions!I’ll give you the inside scoop on Master’s Circle in just a second, but let’s answer some questions about you first.Are you…Living up to your fullest potential and using all your unique gifts and talents in your coaching practice?Making the 6-or 7-figure income you dream about (and absolutely deserve)?100% satisfied with the results you achieve for your clients so that there’s no need to educate yourself and improve your skills?Confidently using and leveraging social media, webinars and email marketing to enrol new clients (or are you hoping and wishing for them to find you)?Achieving epic levels of transformation and rapid breakthroughs during all of your sessions?Applying a tested and proven method to your enrolment conversations to make sure that you close sales without being salesy?Able to go deep enough so that you can uncover and clear even the most deeply rooted limiting beliefs – even if you client might have had them for decades?Equipped with the skills and tools you need to get through challenging situations and “handle” even the clients who seem like “the hardest nut to crack” (because those are the ones who need you the most!)Generating a consistent stream of income in your business, making sure that it’s consistently profitable (instead of feeling like you have no control over how much money you make)?Feeling confident in your ability to stay strong in your leadership position even if your client might trigger your own emotions?If you’ve answered “no” to any or all of these questions, then we would LOVE to welcome you to Master’s Circle and here’s why:As we’ve just talked about, most coaches out there make 3 big mistakes… they get overwhelmed with the ridiculous amount of information out there, they try to figure it all out on their own and sadly, end up learning from a lot of bad quality resources. But that’s not because they’re lazy or not smart enough…It’s simply because they don’t know any better and it’s damn hard to differentiate if nobody’s telling you about the 20% of resources that will get you 80% of the results.Good news? This is exactly what Master’s Circle will do for you!Instead of you having to spend years, thousands of dollars and what feels like blood, sweat and tears to dig through the seemingly unconquerable loads of information available, we’re doing this hard work for you.Even better?We’re not only saving you the time and the hassle… we’re also presenting the 20% of information that will get you 80% of the results in the easiest and most effective way possible:By SHOWING and not just TELLING you.We show. We don’t just tell.What do we mean by that?Look, reading books about strategies and watching videos that break down the systems of how to run a successful coaching business is great. But doing this will only allow you to understand the “WHAT”:What do I have to do?What do I need to know?What results should I achieve?It’s not going to help you with the “HOW”. Which is the most important piece of the puzzle. The one element that makes the difference between amateur and pro. Between ordinary and extraordinary.It’s almost like cooking: If somebody simply tells you to cook pasta it’s very different from someone actually showing you the exact steps and demonstrating HOW it’s done. Even if they tell you what kind of pasta to cook and what the outcome should look like, you can’t master the skill unless you understand the HOW…Agree?Just like buying a cookbook alone won’t necessarily get you results. But being in the kitchen with world-class chefs… Watching them perform and being able to get a taste of their most extraordinary dishes will allow you to model their strategies and achieve equal results.Master’s Circle is your ticket into the “kitchen” of the Master Coaches – the most successful people in the industry – so that you can model their strategies, elevate your coaching practice and finally make the money you deserve.Our Master Coaches are not only going to share their best strategies, systems and practices with you… They’re literally going to demonstrate their skills – live. They’re going to let you in on their HOW. And this is simply priceless.It’s the 20% that’s missing for you in order to achieve at least 80% of the results you desire.Which are to be an even greater coach, achieve outstanding results for your clients, live up to your fullest potential, master the skills of sales and marketing and finally create an income that exceeds your wildest dreams. (Yes, we’re talking 5-figure months on a regular basis!)Meet Your Hosts of Master’s Circle:Jason GoldbergJason Goldberg is an award winning entrepreneur, transformational speaker and leadership and business coach.He has coached hundreds of individuals and groups to shift their mindset, take creative action, become more prosperous and have a bigger impact in the world!Jason also helped transform countless businesses (even NASA!) to overcome challenges and develop opportunities using their unique message, talents, gifts and perspectives.As the host of Master’s Circle he brings his experience and his witty, edgy and smart style to all of the trainings and makes sure you get all the juicy details you need out of each interview.Ajit NawalkhaAjit Nawalkha is CEO of Evercoach, author of the Multipler Method, co-founder and creator of Blinkwebinars, a webinar automation company. He also trains and mentors entrepreneurs to create an exceptionally successful business and life in his mastermind called Zentrepreneur.His genius lives in growing businesses which even led to his nickname “The Doubler”. His unique structure of “Influence” and “Solutions” have helped hundreds of businesses to make more money, serve more people and make a greater impact.Ajit is constantly on a quest to find better ways to run businesses, be more productive and live a more fulfilled life as business owners – which is exactly what he’s going to teach during his Master’s Circle trainings.Master’s Circle is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind training that takes you behind the scenes and teaches you step by step HOW the best coaches in the industry personally achieve their greatest results – both financially and for their clients.We created this world-class training after speaking to a lot of clients of Evercoach. And what we found was that most coaches seem to struggle because “nobody SHOWS them HOW” to actually become the coaches and business owners they need to be in order to run the thriving practice and earn the money they’re (currently only) dreaming of.Master’s Circle is your chance to learn from the best of the best and get on the fast track to ultimate business success.Let us show you why Master’s Circle is an outstanding opportunity for your personal and professional growth:1. Only The World’s Leading ExpertsWe personally guarantee that we only invite the best experts in the industry. The people who’ve already mastered what you’re trying to master and who’ve experienced exactly what you’re experiencing right now. This means you get private access to world class teachers likeSteve ChandlerRich LitvinStephen McGheeSean StephensonAjit NawalkhaMelissa Ford…And many, many more!…The absolute best of the best.Those are the coaches who practice what they preach. And they’ve been successfully doing so for many, many years. They combine experience with the best practices in the world… And you know as much as we know that this is the true recipe to long-term, sustainable success as a coach.So, yes! You can be 100% CERTAIN they’re worth paying attention to.2. The Masters’ Best Strategies and IdeasAs promised: We only give you the 20% of their teachings that create 80% of the results.We thoroughly study all teachers before we invite them on the call. We look up all their best material, we extract their very best ideas, and then we question them on the same.We select only the key strategies that create epic levels of transformation. The “real meat” of what they teach, if you like.The bottom line is that we’re doing all the time-consuming research and the complicated filtering FOR YOU.So you can be sure that everything our experts are sharing in Master’s Circle is of the absolute highest quality… and that whenever you apply it, you’ll instantly benefit with tangible, extraordinary RESULTS.3. LIVE DemonstrationFirst we interview our Master Coaches on the 20% of their strategies as I’ve already explained. But that’s not even what makes Master’s Circle so effective and unique.What makes Master’s Circle more effective than any other training is the part where our Master Coaches actually SHOW you HOW to get results:We get a client on the live call and our experts coach them –live– on a real issue.It’s all about you experiencing HOW they get results. You’re getting an exclusive behind the scenes peek into what others pay thousands of Dollars for.And once the coaching session is done, we’ll break down their exact strategies for you one more time. So that you can take them away and use them for your own coaching practice – over and over again.4. Ultimate Business TrainingIf you truly want to be a successful coach and make the 6- or 7-figure income you deserve, then mastering the art of coaching alone is not enough. Especially nowadays where there’s more competition than ever and the industry is constantly changing and evolving…You need to be a smart, skilled business owner, too!Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered!Co-founder of Evercoach and CEO of Mindvalley Media Ajit Nawalkha will personally teach you his most effective business strategies, systems and models that you can replicate for your own practice.You’ll learn the exact processes you need to sign on high paying clients (and lots of them, too!), find clients on social media, successfully host webinars and Skype sessions, create packages your clients love to buy, lead sales conversations that close the deal but don’t feel salesy or sleazy and much more.Because this is how you create epic, transformative and extraordinary results both for your clients AND your bank account… In less time than you’d ever thought possible.Witness these industry leaders whose fees range from 50K to 500K a year as they share their unique gifts and skills with you in a real-life coaching sessionWho are the Master Coaches we’ve invited to Master’s Circle to demonstrate their coaching techniques and share their best-kept secrets with you?Our Master Coaches Don’t Need An Introduction… But Here’s A Quick Overview Of What They Bring To Our Master’s Circle Trainings:Steve ChandlerKnown as “The Godfather of Coaching”, Steve is author of more than 30 books like “37 Ways to Boost Your Coaching Practice” and co-author of “The Prosperous Coach”.He brings 20+ years of experience working with top professionals and over 30 Fortune 500 companies to the table.His specialties include dramatically improving his clients’ success and freeing them from negativity to put them back in touch with the source of their enthusiasm for work and life.Steve is also a highly sought-after public speaker with more than 1,000 speeches given across the US and Canada, master coach and creator of the Coaching Prosperity School where he trains hundreds of coaches to transform thousands of lives and businesses.Rich LitvinRich is the leader of our Evercoach Tribe, an expert at taking high-achievers to the greatest levels of success and co-author of The Prosperous Coach.His happy clients range from Olympic athletes, Presidential candidates, Hollywood film directors to British Special Forces operatives, serial entrepreneurs and millionaires.He specialises in deep coaching, works with the world’s top-performers (who you’d think don’t even “need” a coach) and over the last 8 years he’s helped hundreds of coaches to take their business to 6 figures and more.Rich also runs a Leadership consultancy for world leaders and their coaches and has founded several game-changing coaching communities.John P. MorganJohn is a self-taught coach who believes in not following the rules and using real-life experiences to transform his clients’ lives.With his deep, real-life adventure style of coaching he supports powerful people around the world in creating impact and success by living and leading with love.John travelled the world and lived nomadically for three years, coached human rights leaders, trained with Buddhist monks in India, cycled thousands of miles and worked for several charities and humanitarian causes.Melissa FordMelissa has been coaching for 20+ years, helping executives, entrepreneurs, career changers, and artists move past their blocks to feel alive and fulfilled. She’s also an expert in helping business owners who are frustrated or overwhelmed by sales.Melissa is also a speaker and teaches her clients how to develop sales practices that are exciting, genuine and profitable and helps her clients reach beyond their limits to achieve their greatest goals.Before coaching, she worked as a lawyer for 10 years which made her a rational and analytical coach with a bulls eye focus, pinpointing exactly what will propel her clients forward.Stephen McGheeStephen has guided countless business executives and influential leaders across the globe, to go beyond self-imposed limitations to new levels of leadership for the past 25 years. His focus is connecting leaders and high achievers with their greater inner potential waiting to be actualized.Stephen is international keynote speaker and author of 3 books on leadership, has transformed accomplished individuals around the country, initiated cultural change with major corporations such as Microsoft or Firestone and recently completed his first film, Climb For Freedom.His courageous honesty, personal integrity and energetic spirituality guide his practice and define his powerful signature style.Sean StephensonSean Stephenson was born with a rare bone disorder and doctors predicted that he wouldn’t even make it through the first night. Despite these challenges, he’s inspired and worked with millions of people around the world, including Sir Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.He’s appeared on everything from The Oprah Show to Youtube videos with millions of views and was even featured on The Biography Channel in an episode called “Three Foot Giant”.As a board certified therapist, Sean uses humor and compassion to develop a fun environment where individuals open their hearts and minds for lasting empowerment to occur and his latest book, “Get Off Your But” has swept the US and been released in over a half dozen languages around the world.But these are just a few of the many, many other Master Coaches that are going to share their most powerful techniques and coaching skills with you when you join us for Master’s Circle!…Get Started for $1You’re going to master these priceless skills, experience transformational shifts and learn new techniques that elevate your quality of coaching in just 2 hours or less!Unique Coaching Skills + Replicable Business Strategies = Ultimate Results!How exactly does it work?Every month you will receive 2 special trainings: one with Jason Goldberg on improving the quality of your coaching practice and one with Ajit Nawalkha on the best business building strategies and models you can use in your coaching practice and implement right away.Here’s how each training is structured so that you can get the most value within the shortest amount of time…1. The quality of your coaching practice with Jason consists of 3 parts and works like this:30 Minutes Interview – In the first 30 minutes of each training we will interview our Master Coach and explore the topic of the session in depth. You’ll gain valuable insights on their own coaching journey and learn about their personal strategies that you can apply to your own business to achieve the next level of success.30 Minutes LIVE Coaching Session – The next part of the training will give you an exclusive behind the scenes peek into a real-life coaching session with our Master Coaches. You’ll be able to see and experience how they coach and who they are being when they’re creating breakthroughs, clearing blocks and transforming people’s lives.30 Minutes Breakdown And Summary – In the third part of the training, we break down exactly what each Master Coach did to get rapid, epic and transformative results for the client… So that you can use the same techniques for your practice right away! You’ll know exactly what they did and how they did it — even if they are “naturals” and not always aware themselves, we will break down the session into a replicable strategy for you.2. The business building strategies and models training with Ajit will be structured this way:30 Minutes Exclusive Business Training – To ensure that you get the most out of Master’s Circle, Ajit Nawalkha – co-founder of Evercoach and CEO of Mindvalley Media – will personally teach you his most effective business strategies and systems every month in one coherent focus business training . He will share with you the replicable processes he uses to constantly sign on high paying clients, market his several profitable businesses and create a steady stream of income. He will also give you easy-to-follow steps to implement in your business today, so you can achieve the results you want in an easy & effortless way.Introducing Master’s Circle – Exclusive Training For Coaches Who Want to Get On The Fast Track to Growing, Elevating and Accelerating Their PracticeHere’s what you’ll walk away with when you join us for Master’s Circle:1. Higher Quality of CoachingWhat you truly need in order to achieve a higher quality of coaching is to see other high performing coaches coach.You don’t even have to be certified from a world-class institute… you simply need to know how to get world-class results. Which is exactly what joining Master’s Circle will do for you.By learning HOW to achieve these results from the very best people in the industry, you will dramatically increase your quality of coaching. The process will be easier, more fun and more effective – both for you and your clients.Everything we teach is extremely applicable and highly practical, designed with your greatest results in mind.2. Building Effective Business Systems & ModelsEven if you’re the most skilled coach in the world, you won’t get a chance to put your knowledge into practice if you don’t know how to build a sustainable, scalable and profitable coaching business.But with Master’s Circle you’re not only learning to become the best coach possible… you also get exclusive training on how to successfully build a thriving business, find the perfect clients for you (through social media, webinars, email marketing etc.) and sign them on.You’ll learn our tested and proven processes for enrolment conversations and which business building systems will achieve the best results for your coaching practice (and which ones you can consciously leave out) – even if you’re still trying to find your first clients.We know you want to coach and not become the next business strategist… that’s why with the business training, too, you get the 20% of the information that will get you 80% of the results.All the information is filtered and condensed to ensure that you won’t be overwhelmed, but know step for step what you need to do, how to do it and even when to do it.3. Increased Results, Greater ImpactWhilst being a coach is your life purpose, coaching is really all about your clients. And being of service to them.Joining Master’s Circle will allow you to get much better results for your clients and to do so within less time!By modeling the best coaches out there, you’ll be able to transform lives quicker, on a deeper level and make an even greater impact in this world. You’re creating a win-win situation all around.4. More Confidence In Your Own AbilitiesLearning directly from the best of the best means that you have absolutely nothing to fear. You can completely trust your own abilities and never have to doubt or second guess yourself.This will increase your levels of confidence dramatically, allow you to stay true to who you are and access your greatness within. You’ll feel more powerful, secure and calm – during your sessions as well as your sales conversations.5. Higher Income Thanks to Premium PricingOnce you increase your quality of coaching and the results you achieve for your clients, you can quickly raise your prices to match your skills.The better you become at coaching, the more you’ll be in demand… so you’ll be able to easily raise your prices and still be fully booked without the fear of losing clients.At the same time you won’t have to feel guilty about asking for more money because thanks to your highly improved skillset, you’ll have the confidence necessary to ask for the payment you deserve.h3(txt-storeblue).6. Constant Personal And Professional ImprovementBeing a coach yourself, you know that the journey of personal and professional growth never really ends. But it can definitely stagnate if you’re not putting in the work necessary in order to progress.When you join Master’s Circle you’re committing yourself to constant growth and improvement and make sure that your journey never stagnates.You’re opening the doors for yourself to reach the next level… and the next one… and the next one. So that you’re steadily and rapidly climbing your personal ladder of success.7. Accelerated Business GrowthGrowing your business, setting up systems that get you results and enrolling clients on a regular basis can be painful and frustrating if you don’t have a tested and proven strategy that will get you there fast.But with Master’s Circle you’re guaranteed to save yourself loads of time and stress, and trial and error because you’re going to be on the fast track to success.You’re going to learn the 20% of the business systems and marketing strategies and skills that will get you 80% of the results in less than 30 minutes.Plus applying the newly acquired knowledge will save you even more time and pain as you continue on your journey of constant growth.Forget about hoping and wishing for the money to come or the clients to find you, because with this training, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to go after your dream clients, sign them on and keep them.8. Stand Out In The Crowded MarketplaceMost coaches simply get certified from one institute and think this is where their training is “completed”.But the truth is that these coaches only have a very one-dimensional view. In Master’s Circle, you won’t just learn from one world-class expert…You’ll have access to lots of high performing coaches,their best-kept coaching secrets and business growth strategies. This way you’ll be able to combine all the different approaches and as a result define your own, personal style.You’ll become unique, memorable and authentic in your business – which is absolutely necessary to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Plus you’ll know exactly how to market and position yourself as well as what tacts and strategies you need to focus on right now in your business in order to be seen as this unique, powerful coach and get the high paying clients you dream of.9. Master The Business SideEspecially when you’re just starting out, you might not be in a position to hire a team to take care of the “business side of things” such as enrolling new clients, creating irresistible packages, marketing yourself effectively and generating a steady stream of income. And the good news is: you definitely don’t have to!In Master’s Circle you’re going to learn all the skills, strategies and systems necessary in order to turn your practice into a profitable, thriving business – without spending thousands of Dollars or investing years of studying.You’ll get all the tested and proven strategies and systems that have worked for the most successful coaches in the industry… and all you need to do is follow the simple steps and replicate them for your business.10. Unlock Your Full PotentialAs a coach you know that there’s unlimited potential within every one of us – including yourself!Master’s Circle is the key to unlock your full potential so that you can become the very best version of yourself, constantly grow your business and fulfill your life purpose with more ease and joy.Not living up to your full potential can feel very limiting and uncomfortable. But when you join Master’s Circle and unlock your hidden potential, you’ll discover that you’re more powerful, impactful and significant than you’ve ever imagined.What Experts Are Saying About Jason GoldbergSteve ChandlerBest-Selling Author, Fortune 500 Speaker and “The Godfather of Coaching”“Jason Goldberg is that rare combination of wit and wisdom that connects with people immediately. Be sure to listen to his provocative message.”Jacob SokolLife-Coach and Founder of Sensophy“Jason Goldberg is one of my favorite people on the planet. I love his light-hearted yet deep commitment to embodying wisdom for living on purpose. If you’re feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed by the thought of making a shift in life, I’d highly encourage you to work with Jason.”Phil GoddardAuthor, Speaker and Transformational Coach“Jason’s energy alone invites miracles. His dedication, love and belief in his profession, his clients, the person in front of him, is contagious and inspiring. Jason energizes success, he makes it real, he makes it fun. He is someone you will want in your life.”What Experts Are Saying About Ajit NawalkhaEben PaganFounder of Getaltitude.com“Ajit Nawalkha spoke recently at our private high-end mastermind, and everyone was impressed. Ajit is one of the sharpest entrepreneurs and business growth experts in our industry. I highly recommend learning from him.”Sean Patrick SimpsonCo-Founder at “Verbii.com”, “Alska Publishing” and “Adventures In Manifesting”“Ajit provides clear, actionable steps to take your business and life to the next level. I’m confident that Ajit’s training will play a direct role in helping my business create 7 figure revenue.”Lindsay WilsonLindsay the Coach (with Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup For the Soul)“Ajit rocks! Besides having a massive track record of huge results from Facebook ads, he is brilliant at sharing the simplest paths to get them. He also has a genuine desire to help and due to that he gives immediately implementable ideas that have exponential value.”The world needs you to show up as the very best version of yourself. So don’t keep your power and potential locked up in a box!Getting into a room or even on the phone with our Master Coaches will cost you upwards of $1,000!These are the coaches who practice what they preach and they’ve been doing it successfully for decades. Being able to get an exclusive behind the scenes peek into one of their sessions and experiencing first-hand how they achieve results, who they’re being when they work with their clients and how to run a sustainable, profitable coaching practice is simply priceless.If you watch the trainings with an open mind and open heart you’re guaranteed to see a transformation in your practice and income. Plus you’ll be inspired and motivated by the results our Master Coaches achieve and this will directly affect the quality of results that you get during your own sessions and in your business.Powered by Elula, our New Learning TechnologyA world-class education needs a classroom to match. Say hello to Elula.Start your favorite course on your smartphone when you commute to work. And seamlessly finish where you left off on your tablet at home. No instruction manual needed. Stream online on your computer or transfer the program to a device of your choice. It’s so easy to learn wherever you are – during your commute or while you jog, do yoga or work out – feel the benefits without struggling for time.Imagine…… turning your regular exercise routine into a learning experience…… turning your daily commute to work into a learning experience…… turning walking your dog into a learning experience…… turning your grocery shopping into a learning experience…… turning your cafe-latte moment into a learning experience…Can you see how your life will be impacted by this in the next 5, 10 or even 50 years?Here’s exactly what you get when you join Master’s Circle:Monthly exclusive training calls with the best coaches in the industry so that you can learn directly from the source and model their strategies and increase your own coaching skillsA breakdown of their best systems — even if what the Master Coaches are doing comes naturally to them, we’ll extract the essence of their skills so that you can apply it to your own practiceExclusive business training with Ajit Nawalkha so that you have tested and proven strategies and systems to enrol new clients, effectively market yourself and run a highly profitable business instead of a practice in which you’re merely getting byBehind the scenes access to otherwise private live coaching sessions so that you can experience (and not just read about) HOW these leading experts achieve transformational results and replicate the process for your own sessionsSimple steps that show you exactly how to grow your business, leverage tools like email marketing and social media and create packages your clients love to buy so that you can finally make the 6-or 7-figure income you desire and deserveEasily accessible video trainings thanks to our cutting edge education technology – so that you can watch and learn anywhere and anytime, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop (you don’t even have to download stuff!)Audio versions of all video trainings so that you can even master new skills while you’re jogging or driving and don’t want to look at a screenAccompanying workbooks for all sessions so that you can get the most value out of the trainings and implement your new learnings right awayMaster’s Circle does not just provide you with interviews where coaches randomly answer questions or tell the story of their lives… With Master’s Circle your get exclusive behind the scenes access to live coaching sessions of some of the best people in the industry including a full breakdown of their best coaching strategies and techniques, as well as business building systems and models.But that’s not even everything you get…World-Class Coaching Training Finally Available To EveryoneThink about it: How much will it cost you to NOT unlock your full potential as a coach and business owner?How much time and money would you have to spend if you keep trying to figure it all out on your own?And how much energy would you waste, trying to soak up the ridiculous amount of information out there… especially when there’s an easier, much faster and painless way to access only the 20% of information that gets you 80% of the results… directly from the source?We’ve done all the information filtering, selecting and extracting for you! So that you can spend your time wisely: Making money and changing lives.Plus you get access to some of the world’s most sought-after coaches! These industry leaders charge between 50K and 500K a year and many of them are only available by invitation or personal referral!Master’s Circle gives you direct, exclusive behind the scenes access to world-class training that’s not available anywhere else…And we’re making this as affordable as possible!When you commit to your own success and join us for client mastery, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get epic results.You don’t even have to spend hundreds. In fact, you can join us now for a very special trial price of just $1.Yes you can start your learning with the Master’s Circle for only a dollar. If you decide to keep what you see inside Master’s Circle you can keep it all for an introductory offer of $49/month. That is all.But don’t wait too long! This special trial is only valid until August 25th and will jump up to $69 afterwards.Now accessible to everyone: Your Master’s Circle Triple Guarantee3 irresistible promises to give you peace of mind:Guarantee 1: QualityWe stand for the highest quality in the marketplace and guarantee to only invite leading experts in the coaching industry. The quality of training and results you get will blow your mind and dramatically accelerate your coaching practice. You’ll increase your monthly income, the quality of coaching you provide for your clients and your confidence in your own skills and abilities.Guarantee 2: ResultsWe promise you almost immediate results! By getting behind the scenes access to exclusive coaching sessions of some of the most successful people in the industry, you’ll be able to model their best systems and strategies (both for coaching and business success) and use them for your own practice right away. You’ll unlock your fullest potential,you’ll be able to bring the very best version of yourself to all of your sessions and master the business skills necessary for unlimited growth.Guarantee 3: ImpactImproving the quality of your coaching and mastering the business side of your practice will accelerate and elevate your business and allow you to make an even greater impact in this world. You’re going to create more income, more freedom and fulfillment for yourself and deeper, more transformational results for your clients…Don’t Decide Now!We stick by our claims. If for any unlikely reason this training doesn’t live up to any of these promises, drop our team an email and we will cancel your subscription immediately. Yes, we’re that confident about the Master’s Circle.Our Award-Winning Customer Support Is Here For YouAs head of Mindvalley’s Customer Support, it’s my goal to ensure you get the best experience with this program. We consistently rank among the top 2% of all American companies using NiceReply. This translates to nothing less than your unquestionable happiness with us.You can reach me and my team directly at support@mindvalley.com.Kristi AnierCustomer Happiness Team LeadWARNING! – Coaching Does Not Equal CoachingWe know that you truly care about your clients and you didn’t become a coach just because of the money. You’re a coach because you want to make an impact and transform lives!So let’s get real here for a moment: In order to transform as many lives as possible and make the big impact you were born to make, you need to be able to live up to your full potential and access the very best version of yourself.Because coaching does not equal coaching. And there are HUGE differences between coaches who settle for using the same techniques, the same tools and strategies and staying on the same educational and transformational level throughout their entire career… And the coaches who choose constant growth, evolution and expansion both in their personality and when it comes to their business.This is what makes the real difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary coach! And you know that it’s crucial to become extraordinary if you want your practice to thrive, your bank account to grow and your clients to achieve epic transformational results.But you don’t have to do this all on your own!In fact, when you’re trying to figure it all out on your own, you’re limiting yourself and you can only go so far. So if you’re at a stagnant point in your business where you KNOW that you need to take it to the next level, where you’re hitting a plateau or feeling like you’re somehow playing smaller than you could play… it’s CRUCIAL for you to accept help and learn from others.And what better way to do so than by learning directly from the best of the best – the masters?Don’t let excuses and worry-thoughts like “Do I really need this?”, “I don’t have time for this”, “I don’t think this will work for me” hold you back. As a coach you know better than anyone else that this is just the voice of fear that’s trying to keep you small and “safe”… and blocks you from achieving the great success you’re meant to achieve.Because you know the answers to these questions already: Yes, you need this world-class training because it’s the missing 20% that will get you 80% of the results you crave! We know you don’t have time to waste that’s why we extracted only the key ideas and strategies and present them to you in less than 2 hours. (That’s shorter than the average movie you watch while you’re having dinner!)And even if you’re not sure whether Master’s Circle will work for you or not, thanks to our cancel anytime guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose. You can basically test-drive Master’s Circle and if for any reason it doesn’t meet your expectations just send us an email at support@evercoach.com and we will cancel your subscription. No questions asked!So give yourself permission to access your true greatness, unlock your fullest potential and quit playing small in your coaching practice.Click the “Add to Cart” Button Now to Join Master’s Circle and Unlock Your Fullest Potential As a Coach!Instant Download (No More waiting)What You Get:Monthly exclusive training calls with the best coaches in the industryA step-by-step breakdown of their very best systemsExclusive business training specifically tailored to coaching practicesBehind the scenes access to otherwise private live coaching sessionsStep by step systems and strategies to consistently enrol new clients & grow your coaching businessEasily accessible video trainings that are available anywhere and anytimeAudio versions of all video trainingsAccompanying workbooks for all sessionsMonthly PlanTry Master’s Class for Just $1for 30 DaysRegular $69/moToday $1(After 30 Days, you can continuefor $49 a month)Add to CartAdd to CartFor your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.What happens after you click “Add to cart”(Secure checkout page)(Secure checkout page)1 Click the Add to Cart above, and you will see a secure checkout page where you can enter your billing details.(Log into your account)(Log into your account)2 Once you completed your order, you will see your login details to access This Program on Elula. (You will also immediately receive an email with your login details and exact instructions on how to access your program.)Simply log in to your Elula account, and you will see a page with a link to access your new courses.(Enjoy your new course)(Enjoy your new course)3 That’s it! Once inside, click on the course you want to begin, and continue from there.Frequently asked questionsI’m already a certified coach - why would I need more training? +I didn’t start my coaching business/I’m not certified yet… Does it still make sense for me to join the training? +I’m already business savvy… do I really need the extra training? +Can’t I just hire a team to take care of the business side? +What if I join and don’t get any results? +What Members Are Saying About Master’s Circle“I really can’t wait for more”“I watched the Steve Chandler Masters Circle interview/coaching demonstration late last night and I just finished my first coaching session of the day today. Steve was present in my session and it was a richer coaching experience for the opportunity. It’s sort of like being a good cook but relying on the same dishes or recipes week after week. I need a boost of something delicious and new that comes from someone else’s experiences, ideas and good brain. And to be able to experience it – the nuances, the voice, the level of engagement – rather than being taught about it is some kind of magic. I really can’t wait for more.”Jan SugarProfessional coach, speechwriter, presentation trainer“Totally maginificient and a treasure of learning. What a liftoff!”“I jumped in at last minute, much because of the strong panel of coaches. Even halfway through your introduction I was laughing sideways. Adding to that your energy together with Steve’s during the interview: Hilarious while totally maginificient and a treasure of learning. What a liftoff! Glad to be onboard!”Frank OknesCoach and Founder of Mind-Bending AS“So many nuggets of wisdom and nuances”“Just watched David and Steve’s coaching session – so many nuggets of wisdom and nuances, and quite right, the one thing that we miss out on in coaching certifications – seeing how it’s actually done in a real setting! For a whole year I was thinking – am I doing this right? Is this coaching? Great opportunity to become better coach in the Master’s Circle!”Helen EvansCoach and Founder of Though Field Coaching“This was completely powerful”“This was completely powerful. Showed me some things that I was doing right…and a lot more places where I plead guilty – for rushing my clients, for being uncomfortable to lean in to silence, for sometimes being present and absent at the same time! Thank you Jason. Thank you Rich!”Sheila MenonCertified Success CoachClick the “Add to Cart” Button Now to Join Master’s Circle and Unlock Your Fullest Potential As a Coach!Instant Download (No More waiting)What You Get:Monthly exclusive training calls with the best coaches in the industryA step-by-step breakdown of their very best systemsExclusive business training specifically tailored to coaching practicesBehind the scenes access to otherwise private live coaching sessionsStep by step systems and strategies to consistently enrol new clients & grow your coaching businessEasily accessible video trainings that are available anywhere and anytimeAudio versions of all video trainingsAccompanying workbooks for all sessionsMonthly PlanTry Master’s Class for Just $1for 30 DaysRegular $69/moToday $1(After 30 Days, you can continuefor $49 a month)Add to CartAdd to Cart- See more at: http://www.evercoach.com/masters-circle/trial#sthash.1ItApXv2.dpuf - See more at: http://www.evercoach.com/masters-circle/trial#sthash.1ItApXv2.dpuf - See more at: http://www.evercoach.com/masters-circle/trial#sthash.1ItApXv2.dpuf - See more at: http://www.evercoach.com/masters-circle/trial#sthash.1ItApXv2.dpufWhat if you could learn from the best teachers?What if you had one single training that gave you real, actionable breakthroughs?What if you had a single training every month that would help you coach better?And another one that would help you build a better, more profitable business?What if you had a chance to get one now...?Sounds too good to be true?Here is where you get it all.Love, AjitAjit NawalkhaCo-founder, EvercoachP.S. You may have these questions crossing your mind right now..=========================================I’m already a certified coach — why would I need more training?Because being certified from one institute will merely give you a one-dimensional view where there’s a whole spectrum of strategies, tools and systems that you could use for your business.Plus, YOU KNOW that the journey of personal and professional growth never truly ends… but it stagnates if you’re not taking the action you need to take in order to grow, thrive and make the impact you’re meant to make in this world. This will keep your skill set at the same level as it's always been — as well as the size of your bank account!==========================================I’m already business savvy — do I really need the extra training?Are you already happy and completely satisfied with the impact and income you’re making right now in your business? Because here at Evercoach, we’re committed to constant growth and expansion — and we believe that you are too. So there’s always room for improvement, even if you already “know” how to run a business.There’s always a next level to reach and a ceiling to burst through, which is exactly what the Master’s Circle is all about. But even if you decide that for some reason the training is not for you, remember that you can always cancel and you’re completely safe with our triple guarantee!==========================================Can’t I just hire a team to take care of the business side?Sure, it’s always a great idea to accept help. But be aware that even if you hire others, YOU are still the boss. You need to know how to run your practice like a business if you want it to make money like a business (rather than a hobby).And with the Master’s Circle, we’re not just giving you a general overview on how to run a business — we’re giving you the exact strategies and systems the most successful coaches in the industry use to make multiple 6– and 7–figure incomes — and all you need to do is replicate them in your business. There’s no easier or faster way to achieve rapid business growth.==========================================What if I join and don’t get any results?We’re 100% confident that that’s not going to happen. :)That’s why we give you a "cancel anytime" guarantee when you join. You can basically test drive the training without any risk at all.And, while we know that every coach who shows up at the training committed to getting results will do so, we won’t ask any questions if you decide that it’s simply not for you.You can cancel anytime!Here is your subscription link.

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